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eCommerce solution include

  • Register, Login, Forget Password

    Customers will be able to sign up and create their own profile

  • SMS Gateway Integration

    OTP is a must in order to verify if a phone number entered is a genuine one.

  • Add to Cart

    This feature will allow customers to buy multiple different products in a single check out.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Including multiple payment methods makes it easier for the user to pay for the trips. Payment gateway providers nowadays already have multiple methods in one gateway.

  • Add Product to Compare

    Customers will be able to add different products within the same category for them to compare the specifications or details of the products.

  • Review and Rate

    Customers must be able to drop review and rate the product upon receiving it. This way, when other customers are browsing, they can instantly make decision if they want to purchase the particular product or not based on the review dropped by other user.

  • Loyalty program

    A proper loyalty program can increase your customers average amount per check out and also the frequency of them making purchases.

  • Push Notification

    Push notification can increase user engagement with the app. Postcode or location-based push notification can be used to promote relevant deals to the right users.

  • Live Chat

    Live chat is needed for customers to clear any queries on the spot.

  • Wishlist

    At times, customer might find a product which he/she interested in. In this case, they will be able to add the product into wishlist where they can come back later on and purchase the items in their wishlist.

  • Search bar

    Search bar will allow customers to directly find the products they intend to. Search queried made in the search bar can also be collected for business intelligence purposes.

  • Personalized items

    By collecting the data on user behavior, we can show the right products they might be interested in on their dashboard. This will increase probability of them making purchase.

  • Product filtering and sorting

    Customer will want to sort products by price, arrival, colors and etc.

  • Product variations

    Products like smartphone have variations. A single smartphone might vary in terms of color and storage size which might also add up the price.

  • Related products

    When a customer is viewing a product, it is a good idea to also display a list of related products at the bottom to increase probability of the customer keep browsing the products they are interested in. Eventually, they will find the product they want to buy.

  • Change product quantity

    In the product page and also in the add to cart page, customer might want to buy a product in more than 1 quantity, this feature will easily allow them to add or decrease the quantity.

  • Shipping method

    Customers might buy from any part of the country. Therefore, the shipping feature must correctly display the shipping price by taking into account the state and also weight of the product.

  • Store finder

    If your company has a lot of physical stores, a store locator page will allow them to find your branches across different places

  • Others 

  • Dashboard/reporting tools

    Admin will be able to view all the metrics in a single dashboard which will help to drive business decision.

  • Customer management

    Admin can view all the signed up customer in big table as well as keep track of their purchases history.

  • Administrator management/Level Access Manager

    There might be different individuals who have access to the admin panel for management and operation purposes. Level access manager will be able to define a set of limited access only to pages the individual will need and limit on operations they can do.

  • Product management

    Admin will be able to add products from the admin panel.

  • Push Notification Manager

    This function is for the admin for sending targeted push notification to users/customers  sorted by postcodes/locations/interests and/or others.

  • Transaction History

    This is a table where admin can see all the transactions ever made on the system. Besides, the transaction can be also sorted in different sorting conditions. Admin also can export the transactions into CSV.

  • Store management

    If your e-commerce is a multi vendor e-commerce, admin will be able to view and make changes to the profiles of every stores as well as keep track of their selling activities.

  • Database Backup

    An easy function for admin to make a backup of the database. Just one click and it will export the database file.

  • Coupon Generator

    Admin will be able to create coupons with flexible settings such as limited number of coupons, expiry date, usage limit, targetted for vendors and etc.

  • Loyalty Points Setting

    Admin will be able to set the amount of loyalty points users should receive for x amount they paid. 

  • Order and shipping management

    Any purchases made by customers will be visible in this table where admin then can process the purchase and handle the shipping processes. Admin can also change the status of the purchase for the customer to see from his/her profile.

  • Database Backup

    An easy function for admin to make a backup of the database. Just one click and it will export the database file.

  • Booking Cancellation Settings

    Admin will be able to set the condition of the booking cancellation. 

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