Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Comprehensive IT services include

  • Artificial Neural Networks

    Developing neural network-based artificial intelligence software solutions for data management, pattern, and sequence recognition.

  • User Behavior Analytics

    Building software that helps you detect patterns, trends, and errors in your consumer behavior.

  • Business Intelligence

    Leveraging business intelligence and machine learning solutions, data management, and improving your decision-making and help foresee business risks.

  • Automation Solutions

    Smart enterprise solutions to streamline your supply chain management, sales pipeline, and financial operations. 

  • Computer Vision

    Providing software solutions and media applications for digital or real-world image processing, face/object recognition, vehicle detection, and intelligent surveillance.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Offering advanced language processing and recognition technologies, language interpretation, and better solutions.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Speed

    2/3 of companies saw a greater than 500% increase in speed of performance for at least one machine-reengineered process.

  • Problem Solving

    75% executives think machine-learning enabled processes can solve previously unresolved business problems.

  • Reliablity

    Up to 85% of business and IT executives anticipate making extensive investments in AI-related technologies over the next three years.

  • Leverage

    89% of enterprises believe that companies that do not adopt a Big Data analytics strategy in the next year risk falling back and losing their market share.

  • Growth

    Increasing profitability (60%), gaining a competitive advantage (57%), and improving environmental safety and emissions compliance (55%) are the three highest industry priorities in implementing Big Data and Machine Learning initiatives.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is booming in Malaysia & in the rest of the world. When it comes to integrating your web applications with AI,  Segwitz has a fantastic record in providing a smooth transition to AI technology adoption.

AI & Machine Learning is progressing by every passing day and we believe that no one likes to be left behind in the race of having the latest technology at his service. As AI includes the benefits of automation, solving complex problems with ease, reducing errors which will definitely raise the bar of customer satisfaction for you and boost your efficiency at handling computer tasks

Discuss the limitless possibilities today and our expert team will help you in finding the most suitable AI technology adoption that suits the needs of your business to accelerate growth, optimize the team, and enhance individual performance.

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