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Expert coders to audit your web or mobile app

Code auditing is one of the important stages in a software development project. Our code auditing service can do 2 main things. We can either help you to spot bugs and provide the solution for those bugs or ensure your software is all good to go into production as a “last-minute checkup”. We also make sure the components are free of security breaches and other possible issues.

  • We provide manual code analysis by our software engineers in order to detect bugs, performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and other risks.
  • Testing of software under different data loads.
  • Automated code analysis for common issues, vulnerabilities and guidelines violation.

Auditing reports tend to overwhelm developers, leaving the team with a long list of known problems. That is why we also offer fixing after we release the reports.


Code Auditing services include

  • Discover existing and potential bugs

    Every software has possibilities of bugs arising once it goes into production. Therefore, it is good to assign a team of professionals to work on reporting and solving bugs and other issues on a regular basis.

  • Validate the current performance and scalability

    When a small number of the user base is using your software, there won’t be any problem. Once your web/app goes through a peak in its traffic or a high number of concurrent users are simultaneously using your web/app, is your current web/app architecture going to handle well?

  • Assess the code maintainability level and associated risks and costs

    Once you have developed your software, it is good for you to check if the codes are written in good practice. Codes which do not follow good practises are often very hard to expand/scale later on and will cost you more for maintaining and expanding them.

  • Discover security breaches and vulnerabilities

    Once your software is made, there should be a lot of questions you should be asking. What password encryption are they using to store users’ passwords?  How safe are the API endpoints? Can the user manipulate the database just by entering malicious codes in any textbox provided in your software? We help you to go through all of this and will provide you a report accordingly.

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We focus on 3 key areas

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    We will test the software under intense data. If the software is new and there is less data, we will generate dummy data to check how are they working under big load of data.

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    We will ensure the software is up to standard and is ready to be deployed for production.

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    We care for you

    We will submit a report accordingly and will advise based on the situation.


Our code auditing expertise

SegWitz has helped a lot of companies doing code audit for the Softwares (web & mobile apps mainly). We helped a lot of clients save money by pointing them in the right direction. We also serve as an agent who acts in between our clients and their developers to ensure their developers follow the right practises in writing their software.


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