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Comprehensive IT services include

  • IT strategy consulting

    SegWitz guide businesses to implement a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals. We are happy to share our experience to support you in technology roadmapping and exploring most efficient ways to use available resources and technology trends.

  • Digital transformation

    SegWitz help businesses go beyond automating traditional methods and processes and explore new ways to boost business and even transform business models.

  • System integration

    Modern business environment generates the need to use different IT solutions for different purposes to ensure effective work of an enterprise. In this respect, system integration is a vital point to consider, whether you are planning to add new functionality to the IT solutions already in use, or implement new software.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Save Cost

    SegWitz help clients save cost by directing their needs towards the right objective. You either pay RM40k once or RM25k twice.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    SegWitz will be your company Tech department frontface . We provide support at any time.

  • Innovation is Key

    SegWitz will play a huge role in innovating within your business, often overseeing the IT strategy adopted. We’re the ones with the vision for how IT will develop and evolve within your organizations.

  • Managed Services

    SegWitz provide technology solutions to clients who want the benefits of a solution without any technical training

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