NFT Marketplace Development


NFT Marketplace Features

  • Storefront

    NFT marketplace is similar to an e-commerce site where users can browse through available NFT and filter through them.

  • Search

     Users will be able to enter keywords in the search bar to search for NFT on the site.

  • Buying

    Users can directly buy an NFT by paying the asking price.

  • Live Auction

    Users will be able to bid for NFT in the given time on a real-time basis. 

  • Item Detail Section

    Users can view the single NFT page where the user can see all the detail of the particular NFT.

  • Activity Detail Section

    Users can see the transaction details of each NFT in the activity detail section.

  • Author Section 

    Users can see the creator of every NFT.

  • Wallet Connect 

    Users can connect their browser-based cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Mint NFT

    Users can mint an NFT and put it for sale or auction.

Digital Assets Trading made easy with NFTs

Development of ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standards based NFT marketplace platforms development

  • Digital Art

    Digital Art is the most common use case of non-fungible tokens today. This opens a whole new channel for individual artists and companies to earn profits. The creator of the art will also keep earning a royalty on all sales that happened in the secondary market.

  • Digital Collectibles

    A lot of companies, sports clubs are starting their own digital collectible which is released in a big volume consisting of unique designs which are also limited in number.

  • Music

    Music and audio clips can be minted into NFT which gives music creators the opportunity to earn with their talents.

  • Tweets

    There are famous and influential people who are selling their old tweets with NFT.

  • GIFs

    An animated flying cat with a pop-tart body NFT GIF was sold for USD600k. GIf art can be more unique than a static digital art because it is more alive.

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