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Video Game Development services include

  • Storyboarding / Storytelling

    A game only succeeds as long as it’s story captives the players. We are not just developers but expert storytellers, when it comes to associate a story with a video game, there’s no better team than SegWitz in Malaysia. 

  • 3D Modelling / 2D Designing

    W excel at designing 2D and 3D characters, objects, and scenarios that give a gamer the thrill of a real adventure. 

  • Visual Effects

    Visual Effects is what makes a mobile game magical, our professional mobile game developers craft visual effects that even give the reality a head to head competition. 

  • Rigging/Animation

    Animation brings fluidity to a video game and we are proud to say game developers at SegWitz specialize in developing smooth and fluid games full of dynamics. 

  • Coding

    Coding determines how the game would function and that is why we consider coding of a mobile game the most important stage of development and take every measure to keep the coding flawless.

  • Testing

    A game must be checked before it’s launched in the market, hence we run numerous tests to ensure the reliability of the overall game. 


You got to know this

  • High Demand

    Games account for 43% of all smartphone use.

  • Big number

    The global games market in 2019 was $148.8 billion.

  • Competition

    25 new games were released every day on Steam in 2018. There were 148,605 games published on PlayStore every month on average in 2018. Over 500 games getting submitted into App Store every day.

  • Game Play

    More people watch online video game play than major cable networks and subscription entertainment services.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

The Video Game industry is clearly one of the fastest rising industries of the twenty-first century. Malaysia too has been witnessing a crazy expansion of video game development in recent years and why shouldn’t mobile games be popular; they are fun, entertaining, and very affordable. Video games have allowed people to escape their realities and live their wildest fantasies, and you know what, with upcoming sharp edge technology and a skyrocketing growth rate, Video Game development in Malaysia will continue breaking its own records. We’re not just bluffing, the Video Game industry has a total worth of $179 billion up until 2020.

You might not want to miss out on your opportunity to capitalize on the big boom in the video game market. We at SegWitz love video games and believe that the future belongs to top-notch mobile game developers.