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On-Demand e-Hailing App


On-Demand e-Hailing App solution include

  • Register, Login, Forget Password

    Every user should be able to create a profile by signing up via Facebook or Google. There will be also manual sign up by filling in the form. All the details entered by the user must be safe.

  • SMS Gateway Integration

    OTP is a must in order to verify if a phone number entered is a genuine one.

  • Booking

    Users will be able to hail a car on the spot or schedule it for a later time.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Including multiple payment methods makes it easier for the user to pay for the trips. Payment gateway providers nowadays already have multiple methods in one gateway.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    After a user made a booking, they will love to track the location of their ride in real-time. Users will also get less annoyed during the waiting time since they know the location of their ride.

  • Rating & Reviewing

    Rate and reviews will let other users know about the driver, his car, and travel safety.

  • Promo Codes, Offers, and Loyalty

    This feature is going to assure user loyalty and retention as well as increasing the number of orders. Through push notification, the user can be told about the attractive deals and offers.

  • Push Notification

    Push notification can increase user engagement with the app. Postcode or location-based push notification can be used to promote relevant deals to the right users.

  • In-app Messaging & Call

    Users must be able to chat with their drivers. There will be also a call function where it will redirect the user to their phone call screen with their driver’s phone number. 

  • Google Maps API Integration

    This is to make the app have the ability to track the driver’s current location, use’s current location and to calculate distance and time.

  • Navigation and GPS Tracking

    This will be done using Google Maps APIs. Users must be able to chat with their drivers. There will be also a call function where it will redirect the user to their phone call screen with their driver’s phone number.

  • Matching Algorithm

    This function will match the order with the closest and free driver based on location or/and current route.

  • Ride History

    A record of all previous bookings made along with the amount paid with date and time.

  • Others 

  • Register, Login, Forget Password

    Drivers will be able to sign up/log in and reset their password. However, the admin will have to approve the account before they are able to start receiving jobs.

  • Job Management

    Receiving trips request, approving requests are handled by this module.

  • Trip Tracking

    The incoming, on-going, scheduled, and dispatched trips will be sorted properly so that the management of the trips can be done in a proper way. 

  • Push Notification

    The driver will get real-time notifications regarding orders placed,  and others.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Data reports are not only a progress tracking feature but also a motivation mechanism. Drivers can use visualized data to make informed decisions.

  • Customer Reviews

    This feature will allow the drivers to view the customer reviews so that can keep informed on any issues or space for improvement. 

  • In-app Messaging

    Drivers will be able to chat with the users.

  • Wallet

    Every driver will have a wallet that holds the amount they have made. Technically, the amount will be in the bank account of the company which owns the apps, but the wallet acts as a medium to account for the withdrawal amount.

  • Others 

  • User Management

    This is where admin can see the table of all the users signed up. Admin also able to edit any information of the user profile, delete or deactivate the user’s profile

  • Booking Management

    Receiving booking, approving requests, generating invoices, and receiving payments are all handled by this module.

  • Driver Management

    This function is for the admin to monitor the activity of the driver, approve or ban drivers and to edit the profile of the drivers.

  • Live Tracking of all drivers in a single map

    There will be a big map which tracks all drivers in real-time.

  • Push Notification Manager

    This function is for the admin for sending targetted push notification to users and/or drivers sorted by postcodes/locations/interests and/or others.

  • Transaction History

    This is a table where admin can see all the transactions ever made on the system. Besides, the transaction can be also sorted in different sorting conditions. Admin also can export the transactions into CSV.

  • Reports/Analytics

    Number of signups, number of orders, number of sales, amount of sales sorted by daily, weekly, monthly and etc will be shown in graphs and charts.

  • Database Backup

    An easy function for admin to make a backup of the database. Just one click and it will export the database file.

  • Coupon Generator

    Admin will be able to create coupons with flexible settings such as limited number of coupons, expiry date, usage limit, targetted for vendors and etc.

  • Loyalty Points Setting

    Admin will be able to set the amount of loyalty points users should receive for x amount they paid. 

  • Booking Cancellation Settings

    Admin will be able to set the condition of the booking cancellation. 

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