AFA Sports Solution is a startup offering management app for sports complexes to increase their efficiency while also allowing users to make bookings for sports facilities from their user app. AFA wanted to automate the process of the sports complex operators  turning on and off the lights of each courts.

AFA Sports Solution
Sports Solution
AFA Sports Solution

About The Project

Segwitz developed a software and a web-based management system which powers the auto-lighting system which synchronized with their booking app and also booking management app.

Say a user is making a booking for a sports complex via AFA user app, the user can then walk into the complex and just scan the QR code which is hanging for the particular court and the light will turn on. The system will take into account the time which the user has scanned and the booking hours. If the user book for 2 hours but scanned the QR code 15 minutes later, then the system will allow the user to play 15 minutes pass the booking end time if the sports complex has enabled the setting in their app.

Not all bookings are made from the AFA user app, sometimes some customers will walk in or just call the complex. In this case, the vendors can enter the booking info into their booking scheduler and once the customer reaches the complex, the vendor can turn on the light of the complex from the AFA vendor app. In fact, vendors can turn on the light of the court from anywhere in the world as long as their phone is connected to the internet. Once the booking has ended, the system will turn off the light automatically.