Courierman is a service where users are able to send a parcel or request a rider to buy something on their behalf. We worked with the startup on making their user app, rider app, and web backend.

The app is a budget on-demand delivery app which is the MVP for the startup to test the market.

Users will be able to request a rider to send a parcel or instruct rider to buy something from a shop. User can select 2 locations. First location is where the rider should go first. If a user wants to send a parcel from his house to his friend’s, then user has to select his house location as the first location and his friend’s location as the second location. The user can also send the rider to a shop first to buy something and then get it delivered to his house. The user is able to view the history of the orders he made. Facebook sign up is also added to make it easy for users to sign in via Facebook.