Inferno Infinity Academy also known as IIA is a vision of a group of cryptocurrency enthusiast. They are a team of experts and dedicated to give the best form of education to empower everyone in the cryptocurrency world through their interactive online courses up to LEVEL 7, which are certified by top UK government awarding body National Professional Qualification, NPQ United Kingdom. IIA is renowned and specialized in crypto trading platform and crypto utilities.

Their online course website was half developed by a team of developers and we took over the development and manage the site for them. We provide maintenance , updates of courses , managing the video server , add functionality to adapt to their customers’ accessibility. We also make the whole site responsive so that users can do their courses using their mobile phone.

Inferno Infinity Academy
Education Industry
IT Consultancy, Server Management and Web Development


The website was an incomplete site when the owner pass it down to us for development. The site is a heavy one . Thus , it takes long to load.

Inferno Infinity Academy team want a video player and a good video server architecture to stream contents to all over the world. SegWitz collaborated with them in planning, deploying and building their online learning platform’s video streaming service.


We reorganized the plugins and replaced with a new or a better one. We also fix lots of UI that was broken. We made the site a simple one which don’t look complicated.


We used a CDN storage to store and serve the videos from. Besides , we compressed the original MP4 files into 3 different resolution to minimize the bandwidth. They expect students from all over the world , and this server and streaming architecture will work perfectly for them since the CDN will serve the cache copies of the videos from CDN servers all over the world . We also made the SRT subtitles for every videos so that their students will not have a hard time in understanding. We also looking into translating the subtitles into multiple languages. All the videos are encrypted which means the source file path of the videos are not visible and thus those videos are not downloadable. This will prevent copyright theft and also control bandwidth.


60% Reduction in bandwidth
+30% Average Session Duration
70% Reduction in buffering time
40% Cost Cut