Loyalbyte will be the loyalty rewards app you ever need on your smartphone. The reward bytes earned are non-expiry, transferable and exchangeable

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About The Project

Earn rate
Make every purchase rewarding by earning bytes at your local participating merchants. Use the filter to look out for merchants that offer higher earning rate opportunities.

Redeem Sum
Redeem your bytes for an attractive discounts at your local participating merchants. Look out for merchants that may offer time-restricted high redeem sums.

Pinned Shops
Pin your favorite merchants on your dashboard for instant access to news and updates released by your favorite merchants.

Transfer bytes
You are free to transfer your bytes to another user, just be aware that there will be a transfer fee chargeable.

Referral rewards
Feel like running a side hustle in your free time? How about winning prizes? Would free shopping/dining appeal to you? Yes, you hear it right. Just be our ambassador and share our app with your referral code to friends and merchants, you will be on your way to enjoy free dining and shopping. The more effort invested, the more rewards and prizes you will get, guaranteed! No lucky draw needed. Every effort you put in to grow our ecosystem will be rewarded with a lifetime referral rewards like no others.