Mykōri Dessert Café is the epitome of the 21st century Japanese dessert house, and include the Signature Toast and shaved ice desserts (Kakigori) that incorporate fresh fruits, ice cream as well as layers of flavour. There are over 70 outlets across Malaysia. We created the Store App for their outlets to preview the QR Code which will pull the transaction history from the StoreHub API .

MyKori Holdings Sdn Bhd
F&B Industry
Mobile Apps Development


Everytime a customer makes a purchase in any outlet , the cashier will process the payment via StoreHub , automatically the backend we developed for MyKori will pull the transaction info and store it in the database with an unique identifier. The StoreApp will trigger and show up a QR Code everytime after a payment got processed in the StoreHub POS system. The customer will use MyKori user app to scan the QR Code and the user app will store the transaction details in the app and automatically give a stamp to the customer if he/she made a purchase for RM20 or more.