A plugin to help you print codes on your designed coupon

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Why SegWitz Coupon Code Image Generator ?

With this plugin you can design a coupon and upload to the plugin and adjust the location of where the code should be generated. Once you have created the coupon with WooCommerce , go to Bulk Coupon Management menu and you can either generate indivual coupon images or as bulk in zip files.

[easy_media_download url=”https://segwitz.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/segwitz-coupon-code-design-generator-wp.zip” text=”Free Download”]

## Installation

1. To install the SegWitz Coupon code Design Generator plugin click “Download” or download the plugin from this GitHub repo.
– To install the plugin after downloading it via GitHub, navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin and upload the segwitz-coupon-code-design-generator.zip file.
2. Once you’ve installed the plugin, activate it through the WordPress plugin panel.
3. Please navigate to the settings inside of your WordPress admin panel after activating, and click on Coupon Settings.
5. After going into the Coupon Settings, upload your designed coupon image by clicking on the Select Image button on the right.
6. Once the image has been uploaded, adjust the font size and the location of where the code should be generated on the coupon image.
7. After successfully finished with the coupon settings , its time to generate WooCommerce coupon codes.
8. After generating the coupon codes , click on Bulk Coupon Management on the left side of your wordpress admin dashboard , and the coupon you just generated will be displayed.
9. You can either generate it as an individual coupon image or generate as bulk in a zip file.
-Images and/or zip file will be saved in your media.


## FAQ

### Can I only use this with WooCommerce ?

Yes, this works well with WooCommerce coupon.

## Support

Contact us at [email protected]

## Contributions

We welcome community contribution to this repository. You can find ways to expand the functionility of the plugin on  https://github.com/SegWitz/wordpress-coupon-design-generator