Introduction & Case description

RM0 to RM100 Million - Disrupting Sports Industry

Client Overview:
AFA, Malaysia's premier sports venue booking startup, has achieved unprecedented growth, scaling from RM0 to RM100 million in valuation. AFA offers a cutting-edge management app for sports complexes, revolutionizing venue operations and user experiences.


Impact on the Community:
AFA's innovative platform has redefined sports venue management, fostering greater accessibility and engagement within Malaysia's sports community. By digitizing booking processes and optimizing facility management, AFA has empowered enthusiasts to pursue their passion for sports more conveniently than ever before.


Through strategic partnership and groundbreaking innovation, SegWitz has been instrumental in AFA's phenomenal growth and market dominance. With a relentless focus on technology-driven solutions and customer-centricity, SegWitz continues to empower businesses like AFA to thrive in the digital age.

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SegWitz Role and Involvement

Transformative Tech Partnership

As AFA’s Innovation Partner, SegWitz has played a pivotal role in catalyzing their success journey. Through strategic collaboration and groundbreaking solutions, SegWitz has enabled AFA to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities, driving exponential growth and market dominance.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Driving Tech Innovation, Maximizing ROI

With SegWitz’s unwavering support, AFA has achieved remarkable success, boasting a valuation of RM100 million. SegWitz’s tailored solutions, including web and mobile app development, automated kiosk systems, and IoT integration, have delivered tangible ROI by enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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