We are at the Forefront of Disrupting the Future of Technology

SegWitz is a Disruptive Innovation Partner, building technologies to empower growing organization to reimagine, reinvent and revolutionize themselves as a tech-driven organization.

Creating behaviour-driven technologies, allowing our clients and partners to focus on commercialisation of innovations. Find out More

Why SegWitz

SegWitz 3M Value hold us accountable to be the best in what we do and to act with integrity.

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    Scalable Operation: Streamline and optimize operational processes to accommodate growth and scale
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    Scalable Business Model: Capitalize on scalable business opportunities and drive sustainable growth.
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    Globalize Business: Fostering global connections and growth opportunities.
Our Direction

Striving to be the Powerhouse behind Malaysia’s most Disruptive Tech Investments

Providing the foundation for successful global dominance, empowering our clients and partners in driving innovation to navigate new markets and achieve sustainable growth.

We Provide Software Solutions for Various Industries

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    Our Capabilities

    Taking care of the critical aspects in Disruptive Innovation

    Digital Capabilities Create New Opportunities for Business Leaders


    By partnering and through collaboration, we can push innovation accross all industries, enhance business outcomes and realizes the full potential of technology.

    Use Cases

    Tech empowerment brings people, business, processes and technology together.

    Our Clients Are Dominating Their Industry

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    Enabling Any Malaysia to Plant Trees

    “RIO is an environment-focused startup partnering with corporates to plant more trees to cut down carbon emission.”

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    Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Among Malaysians

    “AFA is the Malaysia’s Leading Sports Booking Startup with more than 350k active users.”

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    Making Affordable Groceries Accessible for Malaysians

    “Edar enables lower-income Malaysian to buy cheap groceries while redeeming their recyclables to save money.”