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Based on our experience in the software development industry, for every 10 companies who outsource their software development project to a development team or development vendor, nearly 7 of the project will end up failing. 

Failing here means failure in completing the development, failure in developing modules/features as requested, very buggy systems/applications.

That means there is about 70% chance of failing when outsourcing a software development project. 

And most of the time, a software development project fail not because of the developers, but because of the management. 

The leaders and management of the company are more important than the developers

I have seen software houses with a great team of developers but bad managers and leaders.

A lot of business-people when outsourcing a software project, they tend to focus more on evaluating the vendors from the development perspective alone. 

But what’s more important is the management of the company itself. 

  1. How are they going to drive situation when things go haywire
  2. Do they have extra developers to quickly continue the project when one leave the company ? If no, then how fast can the company hire a replacement ?
  3. What steps are taken to ensure high code quality ?
  4. Will the company improve and keep growing? Will the company still last next year ? 
  5. How long will they take to assist in case of critical bugs ?
  6. Do they have a proper communication strategy ?
  7. What are their core values and ethical standings ?
  8. What are the track record of success with other clients ?
  9. What kind of quality management process has been implemented ?
  10. What are the focus tech stacks and why ?

Above are just a few questions that need answers from a prospect vendor. 

When you partner with a software company or a developmen team to build your requirement, you are dependent on them and this is why you should fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

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