Introduction & Case description

Pineapple Resources Berhad, the largest IT retail chain in Malaysia

Client Overview:

Impact on the Community:
Pineapple Resources Berhad provides a wide range of electronic products, gadgets, gaming consoles, and laptops, contributing to the accessibility of technology in Malaysia.

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E-commerce Transformation Partner

SegWitz partnered with Pineapple Resources Berhad to address stability and functionality issues with their existing e-commerce platform. We rebuilt their e-commerce website and subsequently developed a mobile application to enhance their digital presence.


Enhanced Digital Presence & Revenue Growth

Following the launch of the new e-commerce website and mobile application, Pineapple Resources Berhad experienced significant growth, achieving RM1.5 million in sales within the first six months. The successful digital transformation allowed them to tap into new revenue streams and establish a stronger online presence in the competitive IT retail market.

"In the age of smartphones, getting a ride has never been easier. Just tap, ride, and arrive."