Introduction & Case description

NCIG, the biggest Vape & e-cigarette company in South East Asia

Client Overview:


Impact on the Community:
Nasty is a leading player in the Vape industry, providing innovative vaping products to consumers across the region.


With SegWitz's support, Nasty achieved remarkable success in their digital transformation journey. The e-commerce platform we developed contributed to Nasty's ongoing growth and expansion plans, positioning them as a leader in the Vape industry. Additionally, the platform's high performance and reliability ensured continued customer satisfaction and retention, driving long-term value for Nasty.

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Vape Industry Tech Enabler

SegWitz was chosen as the exclusive development partner to handle major software development projects for Nasty. We worked closely with Nasty to transform their digital infrastructure and develop robust e-commerce solutions to support their growth and expansion plans.

SegWitz played a pivotal role in Nasty’s tech transformation journey, serving as their primary development partner. Our team worked tirelessly to understand Nasty’s unique requirements and challenges, and then implemented tailored solutions to address them effectively.


We developed a comprehensive e-commerce platform for Nasty, equipped with advanced features and functionalities to support their online sales operations. Our solution ensured smooth transactions, secure payments, and seamless user experiences for Nasty’s customers.


Enhanced Digital Presence & Revenue Growth

SegWitz’s involvement led to a seamless digital experience for Nasty’s 300k monthly active users, achieving a 99% uptime for their e-commerce platform.

Nasty’s transition to a robust e-commerce platform powered by SegWitz resulted in significant benefits for both the company and its customers. The platform provided NCIG with a reliable online selling channel, enabling them to reach a wider audience and drive sales growth. Meanwhile, customers enjoyed a seamless shopping experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

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