For visionary and daring organizations striving for global standards
Disruptive Innovation Partner

SegWitz leveraging Technology to provide the foundation for successful global dominance, empowering our clients in driving innovation to navigate new markets and achieve sustainable growth

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Technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish

Driven by developers, Designing and Developing Tech for Every Need !

SegWitz is a Disruptive Innovation Partner, building technologies to empower for Visionary and Daring Organization to reimagine, reinvent and revolutionize themselves as a tech-driven organization.

The right Innovation Partner can help you in efficiently create and deliver value for your customer as well as capturing value for your organization.

Our endless pursuit of excellence in enterprises through strategic implementation of technology has made us a tech enabler to create digitally-centered businesses, empowering communities.

Initially, SegWitz started just as a web development and mobile app development company in Malaysia dedicated to providing web design and mobile app development services for StartUps, SMEs, and Corporates.

To prove our commitment to the future, we made our objectives to help businesses to utilize technology to their advantage. SegWitz was born out of necessity. After witnessing businesses wasting their opportunities by not utilizing technology, we couldn’t help ourselves by being the solution to bridge that gap. We are looking forward to being the first choice in providing web design services, mobile app development services, and other necessary IT services to businesses throughout the region.

With SegWitz, businesses devote their full focus to delivering their products or services to their customers as we take care of all technical aspects of a business. Acquiring talents is never easy, SegWitz has successfully managed to gather top web and mobile app developers under one roof. we allow businesses to maximize the usage of our resources to increase productivity and also revenue.

Mobile app development and web development in Malaysia are growing rapidly and many mobile app and web development companies have jumped in following the trend but We are one of the few companies that share their experience with you and provide guidance and in-depth consultancy, that is what separates us from the crowd.

In a very simple word, we aim to make high-standard web and mobile apps development accessible by providing absolute excellence in whatever we do.

SegWitz is a Disruptive Innovation Partner working with Organizations who wants to leverage technology to solve global problems.

Drive Business Outcomes Through Technology.

Capacity to solve problems and create value through the introduction of new ideas into business for:

  1. Products and Services
  2. Processes
  3. Business Models

3 Critical Objectives we strive to achieve with clients and partners:

  1. Create value for customers
  2. Deliver value to customers
  3. Captures value for the organizations

Brand Promise

Making Tech Profitable

Our Purpose

Be a tech enabler to create digitally-centered businesses, empowering communities.

Our Vision

A world of advancing communities, utilizing technology for a better life

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the true potential of every organizations and address the world’s most pressing problems, shaping a better future for our global community.


" We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. "
Roy Amara

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands
"Innovation is the only way to win."
Steve Jobs
Founder of Apple

3 Pillars that We Are Built Upon

Profit & Loss

The fuel that is moving us towards our vision.

Passion & Love

We believe in what we do and how we do it, and that is why we are able to provide results for our clients and partners.

Purpose & Live

Everything that we do has a purpose behind it. Living a purposeful life personally and professionally opens a wide perspective as to how we see the future.

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