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Long Run is a Unity game project which has been in development since 2017. The project was worked in a team of more than 6 developers. No full time developers worked on the project. This game is an endless runner game which is not really endless. User can select among 4 maps , and while user run , money , portions , bombs will be on the way. The project has been abandoned since 2018. Developers has moved on to other projects which is actually paying. Therefore , the project manager of Long Run who is now the Founder & Owner of SegWitz Tech decided to publish the game project in GitHub. It is up to the users on how they want to use the game. There are errors where developers have to fix once the project is cloned from the repo. Developers can fix ,add features , make changes and make a pull request.

User have to avoid the bomb to prevent the character’s health from dropping. There will be also pickups for increasing health. There are also crystals and gems which the users can pick up and trade in the trading menu. The character has a health bar . The health bar will decrease when users collides with any of the barriers or any object we use as colliders. We have our specific numbers for the health bar but the numbers is for the programming or scripting purpose only and will not be shows to the users.

Example: Total health bar has a value of 10 . Each time they collides with any barriers , 2 or 3 point will be deducted. Different barriers will have different values. And as they collides more , they lose more points but there will be a pickup named medipack or pills something(we will name it later) , if they pick that up they will get additional +4 to their health bar. And this pill pick up should appear like every {15 or 20 seconds and will increase as level goes up} .

Pickups :

  1. Dollars / Coins ( Where players will pick up to gain points)
    But it will be nice if we replace the coins with any other because coins are too mainstreams. I feel like replacing the coins with dollars. Every dollar they pick up is valued 1 dollar

  2. Multiplier of dollars(X2 . X4, X10 , X20 , X100 , X1000 , X100,000 , X1, 000 000) So to give our player some happiness, we will be having multipliers, subway surf have this too . But x2 will appear like every 10 seconds , x4 will appear every 15 seconds, x10 will appear like every 20 seconds, x20 will appear every 25 seconds, x100 will appear every 30 seconds, x1000 will appear every 35 seconds, x 100,000 will appear every 40 seconds and x 1,000,000 will appear every 100 seconds. Example: if user picks up a x2 multiplier, it will last for 7 seconds , during that 7 seconds period, each dollar they pick is valued 2 dollars. If player picked x1,000,000 each dollar they picked is valued a total of 1,000,000.

    Note: Each multiplier power they picked will only last for 7 seconds !

  3. Poisons
    There will be a poison pick ups along the lane and players should avoid picking up that. Picking up poison will avoid players from picking up dollars and also will reduce the health by some points.

  4. Bombs
    The bomb pickup is the killer pick up . Picking up bomb will make the player explode and the game will end. (the player will die ) Picking up bomb will reduce the health by 10 points.

  5. Heart /Life
    There will be “life” like a heart shape pickup and this appear rarely like only 1 or 2 in a day. This life pick up will give a chance for the play to continue the game after they had died. 1 life is equal to one chance to resume the game. This works same as the “key” in subway surf.

  6. Magnet
    Magnet pickups will appear often like every 8 seconds. Magnet pickups will attract all dollars along the way and it will last for 7 seconds.

  7. Rocket
    Rocket pickups will appear every 16 seconds and the rocket will make the player fly not so high but over the barriers while attracting the dollars on the way. So the magnet pickups system will be included in this rocket too.Rocket pick up will last for 10 seconds. ( we have to carefully configure this so that the player will only can fly over the walkable area, if no then when they land on the wrong place, the game gonna glitch and we may have our reputation hurt badly. )

  8. Medipack
    Medipack pickup will look like a pill where it will allow the player to recharge their health bar .

Home Screen

This is the home screen where user will land upon signing up. The home screen features 3 counter for money , purple heart and red star. You will need purple heart to play the maps. In the right hand side , you can see a big button “Buy and Sell Assets”. Clicking that will bring you to Investment screen.

Crystals Screen

This is the screen where the crystals you have collected in the maps will show up in a counter.

Perks Screen

This is the screen where the perks you have collected in the maps will show up in a counter.

Trophies Screen

This is the screen where the trophies you have collected in the maps will show up in a counter.

Power-ups Screen

This is the screen where the power-ups you have collected in the maps will show up in a counter. Power-ups you have collected is not limited to be only used in one session , you can use it in multiple session.

Map Selection Screen

This is the screen where users can select map and play.

Investment Screen

This is the screen where users can use the money they collected in the maps to invest and get returns. There are also risk of losing . The return of investment is random.

Betting Screen

Users can use the money they have to bet and double the betting amount. Losing the betting game will result in losing the betting amount entirely.

Perks Digger Screen

Perks digger is the screen where there will be 2 in-games which will reward perks.

Trade/Sell Screen

Users can sell the crystals and perks they have collected here for money.

Free Purple Heart Screen

Users can get free purple heart by watching video ads.

In-Game Store Screen

This is the screen where user can buy red star by paying actual money. The red star can be used to buy power-ups to be used in the game.

Radio Player

We have integrated Valinta Player ( & ) inside this game.

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