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Well, here we go through different hosting services and summarize them to make your hosting simple. We personally check each of the following services to ensure the quality and features. This blog is designed to give you the best insights into these popular Web Hosting Services.

  1. Shared Hosting

If you are all set with ribbon-cutting your business without having a web hosting service then calm down. If it is your first website then you should avoid any misspend, especially over hosting services. Shared Hosting Service is probably the most approved hosting service by entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Shared Hosting-

  • It’s cheaper than other services
  • Individually upgradable
  • Features an In-build control Panel
  • Technical maintenance is not required

These are the benefits of adopting ‘Shared Web Hosting Service’ hence it is the best option to start a new business. Also, you can upgrade your hosting packages gradually, with the escalation of your venture

Suitable for light websites with low traffic , easy to manage , cheap

  1.  Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Featured with the ultimate benefits of Virtualization Technology, Virtual Private Server provides you with a private space on a server, shared by multiple users. Therefore, you can operate from a fully dedicated server also make changes to meet your business expectations.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • It’s faster & reliable than shared hosting
  • Provides root access to your private server
  • Better privacy and from other users on the same server

These exclusive benefits of a virtual private server make it the most admired hosting service. Therefore, you should go after VPS to enable an economical start to your venture.

Can handle higher traffic , you have more control on the server , not easy to manage, a bit pricey than shared hosting

  1.  Dedicated Server

It’s so simple to recognize the features of this hosting type by its name itself. Dedicated servers are fully dedicated to your website only. Just like shared hosting, it doesn’t let others share your server. Your website operates from a private and ‘Dedicated Server’ under this type of hosting server which gives you more potential and flexibility.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

  • Provides you with the full potential and control
  • Inseparable server resources
  • Adds another layer of privacy thus enhances security
  • Reduces overheads for technical maintenance

Running your website on a dedicated server comes up with some ultimate features hence it’s safer than other shared servers. By adding an extra layer of security, it gives you the potential to think outside the box to boost your business. If your business generates huge traffic flow into your website, and you are willing to invest a high budget in a server , then you can go with a dedicated server.

Can handle very high traffic , you have higher control , you have control over security , expensive , hard to manage

  1. Cloud Hosting/Service Provider

This is probably the most advanced type of hosting which comes with amazing benefits. It works with a complex cloud system that allows the use of multiple servers to maintain the loading and uptime of your website. It is an environment that is provided through a number of servers that are integrated to make up the cloud. Cloud Hosting/Service Provider is entirely different from traditional hosting services where you only utilize a certain space of a server.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Boost your website speed
  • Available at affordable pricing
  • Provides better scalability

Benefits of Cloud Service Provider

  • Best for scalability
  • Pay as you use

Amazon Web Server

AWS is Platform as a Service or PaaS. It helps you to support managed services. Promoted an exclusive building block technology, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is introduced by Amazon. It allows you to create an application in the cloud by using Building Blocks. These blocks are designed to work together to power up appealing and scalable applications. It is known as a powerhouse of storage, databases, analytics, networking, and deployment/delivery options for developers.

Benefits of Amazon Web Server

  • High-end security services
  • Cost-effective and easy to operate
  • Reduce overspending on storage and hardware
  • Enhance scalability of your website

Famous companies using AWS :

Netflix  , Reddit , Imgur , Pinterest , HTC , Expedia , Quora , Twitch , LinkedIn , Adobe , Twitter , Autodesk , Slack , Spotify , Zynga , Disney , AirBnB


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Besides contributing to web development, Google Cloud Hosting Service enables you to manage the scalability and infrastructure of your website. It’s slightly different from other web hosting services. Here, you pay only for the services. Check out these ultimate benefits before the final go.

Benefits of Google Cloud

  • Real-time to best data storage
  • Adding features of Google Analytics
  • Boost speed of bug-fixing and app crash reporting
  • Customized notification and messaging to the targeted audience
  • Offers Powerful Data Analytics
  • Cost-efficiency due to long-term discounts
  • It provides a serverless environment that allows you to connect cloud services with a large focus mainly on the microservices architecture.

It gives you access to all popular frameworks and languages. Though Google is an industry giant, you can go after its google cloud hosting service due to its affordable pricing, which wouldn’t escalate your budget and increase your speed up to 33%.

Famous companies using GCP :

20th Century Fox , Paypal , Target , HSBC , Bloomberg , eBay , GoJek , Twitter , Snapchat , Wix , Ubisoft , Shopify , Evernote , Vimeo , BestBuy


This is a new kind of hosting service (Cloud Service provider) which is entirely different from traditional web hosting services. Though people compare it with AWS, Heroku and Amazon Web services both are not the same things.

Benefits of Heroku

  • Enables developers to code without worrying about infrastructure
  • Real-time application performance update
  • Come up with lots of beneficial tools
  • Easy to use by beginners and startups
  • Agile deployment for Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python, Go, and Scala.
  • Run and scale any type of app.

If you are starting a new venture then this might help you a lot to establish and name among your competitors.

Famous companies using Heroku :

IBM , Dubsmash , Salesforce , Quickly , Toyota , Unsplash , Product Hunt , Stackshare


DigitalOcean is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It allows you to manage security, databases, and even operating system. This is a cloud hosting service, features a unique term that enables you to scale yourself by running applications on multiple cloud servers without affecting your website’s performance at all.

Benefits of DigitalOcean

  • Provide all of our users with high-performance SSD Hard Drives, flexible API, and the ability to select to nearest data center location.
  • Easy-to-setup and pocket-friendly prices
  • Increase overall website speed with real-time updates

How could you refuse to adopt a hosting service with the following features? Its controlling and management tools are probably the most fascinating part of the Digital Ocean.

Famous companies using DigitalOcean :

GitLab , Accenture , Zendesk , Atlassian , Docker , Salesforce , Flipkart , Xeroz , Akamai , HP , LinkedIn , Samsung , Stackoverflow

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud service platform by Microsoft that provides services such as compute, storage, database, networking, developer tools, and others. In addition to traditional cloud offerings such as virtual machines, object storage, and content delivery networks (CDNs), Azure offers services that leverage proprietary Microsoft technologies. It offers a wide range of integrated cloud services and functionalities such as analytics, computing, networking, database, storage, mobile, and web applications that seamlessly integrate with your environment in order to achieve efficiency and scalability.

  • Azure is open to Hybrid cloud systems
  • Azure offers a Virtual network through which we can create isolated networks, subnets, route tables, private IP address range
  • Azure Redis Cache is a managed version of the popular open-source Redis data structure server; Azure Cosmos DB is a hosted NoSQL database for specific use cases, and Azure Search is an OData-based managed search service.
  • Azure Media Services offers cloud-based video playing, indexing, transcoding, and content protection services.

Famous companies using Microsoft Azure :

Apple iCloud , Pizar , eBay , Beoing , Easyjet , 3M , NBC , Mazda , Aston Martin , BMW , Dell , LG , Symantec , Rolls Royce , Heineken

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