About SegWitz

SegWitz has been enabling Startups, Growing SMEs and Corporates in leveraging tech for growth by transforming companies into digital-ready to be able to stay competitive and relevant in the Industry 4.0 era.

Technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish

SegWitz is a strategic software developer working with enterprises in developing and integrating software for unlocking business potential through digitalization strategic planning for exponential growth. Our endless pursuit of excellence in enterprises through strategic implementation of technology has made us a tech enabler to create digitally-centered businesses, empowering communities. We gather great minds in tech to build a world-class team of thinkers, innovators, and leaders to forefront a world of advancing communities, utilizing technology for a better life.

SegWitz is a web development and mobile app development company in Malaysia dedicated to providing web design and mobile app development services for StartUps, SMEs, and Corporates.

To prove our commitment to the future, we made our mission to help businesses to utilize technology to their advantage. SegWitz was born out of necessity. After witnessing businesses wasting their opportunities by not utilizing technology, we couldn’t help ourselves by being the solution to bridge that gap. We are looking forward to being the first choice in providing web design services, mobile app development services, and other necessary IT services to businesses throughout the region.

With SegWitz, businesses devote their full focus to delivering their products or services to their customers as we take care of all technical aspects of a business. Acquiring talents is never easy, SegWitz has successfully managed to gather top web and mobile app developers under one roof. we allow businesses to maximize the usage of our resources to increase productivity and also revenue.

Mobile app development and web development in Malaysia are growing rapidly and many mobile app and web development companies have jumped in following the trend but We are one of the few companies that share their experience with you and provide guidance and in-depth consultancy, that is what separates us from the crowd.

At Segwitz, we aim to make web and mobile apps development easy by providing absolute excellence in whatever we do.

Our History

2017 - 2018

At the age of 19, Mukesh Maran now the Founder & Director of SegWitz were a freelancer web designer and IT consultant traveling across different states in Malaysia helping SMEs to solve their internal tech department issues and assist tech outsourcing activities.

Jan 2019

As the demand for Mukesh’s services keeps increasing, the need for a team arises. Mukesh incorporated SegWitz in Jan 2019 and kick-started with a team of 3 developers.

March 2019

SegWitz then started offering Mobile App Development services in Malaysia as the demand for the service increase in Malaysia.

August 2019

SegWitz became tech partner for a few growing SMEs where we took care of our clients’ entire tech requirements.

December 2019

SegWitz grew to a team of 10 developers.

March 2019

SegWitz started working with corporate clients and grew the team even bigger.

July 2020

We started working on our company growth plan and produce a proper scalable system for the company.

December 2020

SegWitz received several recognitions:

Fast-Growing Software Outsourcing Company – Malaysia by Cyber Security awards 2020.

Southeast Asia Business Awards by APAC Insider.

Best Custom Managed IT Service Providers – Malaysia by Cyber Security Awards 2020.

SegWitz ended the year with a 400% revenue growth than the previous year.

Outreach by the Numbers

Clients We Have Served


Clients We Have Served
Projects Completed


Projects Completed


Helping Clients In Over 9 Countries


Helping Clients In Over 9 Countries