MVP Development for Startups

You have an idea which you want to turn into a vision? Well, we love having your vision as our passion. Faced with an increasing number of software development companies out there, it is a really heavy task to choose the right company to work with to turn your ideas into reality. Only 3 out of 10 people actually successfully get the web app or mobile app that they paid for. A lot of startup founders fail before even launching their startup because of failure in development.

This is where SegWitz bridges the gap.

  • You as a startup founder focus on attracting and retaining customers. Let us do your thinking on the tech part.
  • With SegWitz, you will have the access to resources and options engaging the most skilled developers.
  • We really put ourselves in your shoe and think from a business side of view. As the startup markets evolve and emerge, you need the agility to grow, shift markets, outsource, acquire and divest rapidly, with continuous innovation to stay at the leading edge of the competition. You will only be able to do this by having really experienced and skilled developers on your side.

Behind all these initiatives are the systems and processes powered by SegWitz.  With strengths in every discipline across the entire portfolio of software development—including web development, mobile app development, UI/UX, IT Consultancy, and more—SegWitz is your partner in building true high grade software.

Unlock Your Advantages With SegWitz

What will you get

  • Development

    From Prototype, MVP and full fledge system, we have the experience and skills to deliver.

  • Testing and Deployment

    Maintaining quality at the highest standard is a must before you launch your web/app into the market. We have been nurturing and training our developers in QC.

  • Scalable Web/App

    We at SegWitz always put ourselves in our clients’ show. Therefore, all the apps we build will be able to scale along with your business.

  • Withstand High Traffic

    Your app crashing during a high traffic load isn’t good. We ensure we understand your plans and traffic expectations and build your apps in a way to reduce the load on your server.

  • Ready For Future Enhancement

    How your app is written says a lot about how easy will it be to add-on new features and modules later on. All our clients will keep adding new features and modules once their app is out and with SegWitz, we make it easy.

  • High Code Quality

    Your apps built with high-quality codes.

We build and transform ideas through strategy

Why we are the best Development Partner for Startup


    1 Month into the development and you can already test your app. To ensure you outrun your competition, we aim to shrink the gap between your idea and a winning solution. Quick development enables you to actively engage in the project and make smarter product decisions from day one.


    With us, you will stay in control and get fully updated on the project status. Your feedback is critial to the continous improvement. We will be doing regular video calls and onsite visits to address all your ideas and concerns.

  • We Are Your Integrated Tech Department

    We are ready to go extra mile to fully grasp your idea quickly and make sure we know what your users really want. We work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to develop apps that evolved along with your business and users.


    Every startup or business which plans to have a mobile app definetely needs someone whom the directors or owners can trust to get advice from. All our clients see us as their consultant, even we receive offers from startups to become their CTO. We believe that every company deserves someone to give them unbiased advise to make well cut decisions on tech invesments.

With us, you can get the most out of your investment. Stop wasting time. Let’s get started

Simplicity Runs In Our Blood

Transform your idea into reality in just 3 steps

  • refresh-database-1856_a6704a77-603a-45b0-925d-41498e0fb1aa

    Specification Meeting

    We will sit with you and listen to your ideas, your vision, and the mission of your startup. Upon understanding why are you building your startup, we will plan on the features and modules that you will need for your MVP.

  • handshake-2819_4c48473b-74a8-4575-890d-e1824695a74c

    You Entering Our Door of Innovation

    We will guide you through our engagement process and make sure expectations are set at a proper level on both sides. Once papers have been signed, we are officially your tech department.

  • radar-signal-727_b1dcc914-3ee5-449c-941e-d4684ee50ba3

    UI/UX & Project Documenting

    We will design and develop the UI/UX of your entire Web App/Mobile App before writing a single line of code. We will elaborate on each and every feature and module with process flow in order to use the document as a development guide. Upon approval by client, we will kickstart the development.

Your vision is our passion

We put YOUR success ahead of ours because OUR success relies on YOUR success.

We have helped a handful of businesses and startups build their mobile apps across a variety of industries, from manufacturing to the retail and service sectors. More than 16 years of combined experience of the 2 founders of SegWitz and the best developers in the trade to help your business. So why SegWitz? Because our success relies on your success.


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